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Henric Ideström

Executive Producer  •  Finance

ScreenEpix' Henric Ideström is an award-winning musician and producer. Soon after graduating with his master’s in music from Azusa Pacific University, he pushed into film with his freshman feature, Reverb! Shot for less than $300K over just a few weeks, upon festival showcasing the dry, softscripted comedy garnered not only laughs but instant acclaim, winning the Audience Choice Award at Toronto’s Rebelfest, 2005.

Throughout the past 15 years, Henric has relentlessly pursued film by consulting and apprenticing with some of the world’s greatest movie super-producers; Andy Grosch from Germany (Babylon Berlin, Monster, Lord of War) along with Peter Garde of Denmark‘s, Zentropa, and today partnering with legendary film producer, Tim Moore. All this while continuing his production (and love) of ensemble and orchestral music, including nearly 20 full-length studio recording projects; 2 of which have gone on to receive the coveted Canadian Dove Award.

Today Henric produces from Calgary, New York, and LA, currently developing the dramatic series, The Cool, with Grammy Award winner Mervyn Warren and visual master Robert Logevall of American Pets fame. Henric is CEO of ScreenEpix and oversees all business affairs and related production finance.

Gorman Stanley

Writer  •  Director  •  Producer

Gorman Stanley has worked in film and television for more than three decades, directing and producing across the globe. During the 1990s he managed the production of hundreds of hours of broadcast content, both news and entertainment, as well as pioneered that new media of the decade, infotainment; traveling the world from Asia to Europe to the Middle East.

Beyond, he also developed bevies of stage and musical media during this period, producing side by side with multiple award-winning artists such as Blair Masters, Anthony Sallee, Mark Douthit, Brian Wooten, Ken Lewis, along with Grammy award-winning recording engineer, Richie Biggs.

The early 2000s marked Gorman’s foray into media development for many of the world’s premier labels. Over the past 20 years he has produced branding, motion media, and infotainment content for L'Oréal Paris, BMW, The X-Prize, Universal Studios, HBO Sports, Heidelberg Engineering, Coca-Cola, Jafra Cosmetics, MINI, Spectrum Communications, DirecTV, Warner Bros, and dozens more.

Gorman is ScreenEpix’ Creative Director and oversees all film content curation and production management.


Colleagues  •  Partnerships

Since 2018 ScreenEpix has cemented multiple partnerships for the production of theatrical and streaming properties. Some are corporate and papered, many are relational. All are powerful with shared values.

Lighthouse VFX is ScreenEpix' official animation partner in the Middle East for the film project, The Boy Captain, based on the prescient Jules Verne novel A Captain at Fifteen. Headquartered in Istanbul, Lighthouse ritually produces Pixar-quality promotionals and full-length animated entertainment second to none. See more of Lighthouse VFX's incredible work here.

Also in Istanbul is official production partner Moskitos films for the ScreenEpix original feature, Nicholas Forever. Kaan Acemi of Moskitos is currently pursuing an additional partnership on Nicholas with newly minted production juggernaut, Midwood Studios.


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ScreenEpix producer Gorman Stanley was recently in Istanbul, Türkiye for locale and service assessment. ScreenEpix thanks Kaan, Darryl, and the whole crew at Moskitos Films for their kind attention.


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